In this series of three wonderfully illustrated books, Sandy Cat's real-life struggles and triumphs are captured as important life lessons to be shared with children of all ages! A gift with true meaning!

Sandy reminds us that life's greatest challenges also provide us with equally great opportunities for defining moments in our lives. Sandy's Vision encourages us to persevere in the face of adversity while Sandy's Dream invites us to strive for the noblest dream of all - helping others. Sandy's Gift reminds us of life's most precious gift - the gift of time. It is the greatest gift we can hope to give or receive!

The tales of Sandy Cat will delight children of all ages as he shares life's ageless and timeless lessons of friendship, kindness and perseverance, teaching children (and adults!) world-wide about life's most fundamental and enduring lessons. Each book is a wonderful gift for that special person in your life or as a thoughtful gift to your local library, school, hospital or workplace. Sandy Cat is guaranteed to steal your heart!

Sandy Cat Books - The Purrrfect Gift For Any Age! Already Treasured by Thousands!

How can you create that special, enduring bond with someone? Give a personalized, signed book with themes of perseverance - celebrating that exceptional effort, of helping others or of recognizing the joy of spending time with our famkily and friends. Sandy Cat books do all of this and more - their themes are ageless and timeless, the books are priceless! More about the books here.

Our volume discounts for orders of 10 books or more make this not only an enduring personal gift, but a very economical one too!

You can read the true story of Sandy Cat and our family, click here.

The author donates a portion of his proceeds to local animal shelters. By buying Sandy Cat books, you are helping too!

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